Software Projects

Mythed (PC, Xbox One)

This Project was founded at Septebmer 2017, with a three-man-team. Mythed is an classic Open-World RPG, including some of the modern gameplay elements. The user plays as Wake, an young son of a farmers family, that one day has been rubbed by thiefs. After this day, Wake moves to a big town names Dunderwood, to find his uncle. Together with his friend Steve, they took a small boat from the docks and shipped away. Thats where Wake’s journey beginns…

✔ Open World
✔ Third Person Adventure
✔ 120+ Hours Gameplay
✔ 100+ Quests
✔ No Difficulty Settings (Old-School)

Alpha Release: Winter 2019

Spring of Extinction (PC, Xbox One)

The Project was founded at February 2018. Spring of Extinction is an Open-World Horror Adventure with a unique touch of the butterfly-effect gameplay. The user is play as „Trevor“, a 23 years old musician, that is spending a weekend in the summerhouse together with a group of friends. Thats where the Story begins…

✔ Open World
✔ Third Person Adventure
✔ 50+ Hours Gameplay
✔ Relationships and Romances
✔ No Difficulty Settings (Old-School)

Alpha Release: TBA

Sword Mastery (iOS)

Sword Mastery is a mobile 3D fantasy gaming App for Apple Devices. Create your own character and choose between an Knight, Archer or Duellant class. Defeat Armies of Enemies, level up and become more powerful.

✔ 3D Levels
✔ Dynamic Gameplay
✔ Character Customization
✔ Online Leaderships

Release: Spring 2019