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Hi there, my name is Tony Caterev. Im 24 years old and currently working as a Frontend Developer in Munich, Dachau.

Started as a simple sales men, i was following my dream to become a web developer. Together with a small team of young developers, we’ve created our first, working PC-Standalone game, and later then at November 2017, our Company – Revonance.

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What i can support you with


JS is Web Development.
As special, in combination with a powerful Framework like React.
I will support, consult and provide your Application.


There are cases where a Content Management System is necessary to archieve the desired result.
For those cases, there is Wordpress and Typo3.


Wanna display your Instagramm content on your page? Use the provided REST-API.
I will help you to build your own interfaces.


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...because there is nothing more to say.

References and latest projects

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These are my current projects, that im working at. Please feel free to hover over one of them to get further information about the specific project.

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